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The Starter League, founded in 2011, is a small school in Chicago that teaches Rails, Ruby, HTML/CSS, and User Experience Design. The classes are intensive, three months long, one to three days a week, and taught in person.

TSL Update: What's going on at The Starter League

By Noelle Sales-Griffin on May 27, 2015

We’ve been quite busy this Spring! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Workshops, workshops, workshops

Since March, we’ve hosted three intro to code workshops, and we have a fourth tonight. At these sold-out workshops, we’ve enjoyed teaching over 100 people how to build a website in one evening. Some highlights include working with our friends at Launchpad Lab, women outnumbering men 2:1, and having a family of 5 attend a workshop. They even pulled their kids out of school early to attend. Because you know what they say, “A family that codes together, stays together.”

Busy Summer at The Starter League

We’re gearing up for summer at The Starter League. We’re offering 3 courses this summer: Beginner HTML & CSS, Advanced HTML & CSS, and classic Web Development. So tell your friends about it or sign up if you’re interested. Application deadline for HTML & CSS is Sunday, May 31.

Starter School Season 2

Starter School students are approaching their last month of class. Over the last three months, they have focused on design and refining their products with some amazing adjunct instructors. Here are some pearls of wisdom gathered from them:

“There are three things top performers care about: Autonomy. Mastery. Purpose.”

-Amanda Lannert

“Understand what your capability of risk is.”

-Harper Reed

“What’s the most you can do with what you have right now?”

-Claire Lew

Fall is on the Horizon

We’re kicking off User Experience, taught by Carolyn Chandler, on August 17th. JavaScript and Web Development classes are in the works for mid-Autumn. So stay tuned, we may add more classes to that list ;)