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Here's to The Starter League Moms *cheers*

By Noelle Sales-Griffin on May 8, 2015

In the spirit of Mother's Day, we want to honor some amazing women who give their all to everything they do.

Here at the Starter League, we promote a culture of working smarter not longer. We promote exposing our ignorance and asking questions to make ourselves and our work better. Most of all, we promote a culture of passion and persistence. Below is a list of some amazing women that we've worked with over the years. We're amazed at the amount of passion they approach their work with. They show us how far passion combined with meaningful work will take us. So without further ado, we present to you some of the moms in The Starter League family...

Full-Time Students and Full-Time Moms

Dr. Kate Wolin and Amy Woodworth make programming look easy.

Dr. Kate
Dr. Kate Wolin

Dr. Kate Wolin is a mom, scientist, entrepreneur and a Starter School alumna. She co-founded Coeus Health, one of the first ten companies accepted into Matter Chicago. Coeus Health develops healthcare programs for preventative care and disease management through clinically proven solutions. Learn more about Dr. Kate and her company in our Alumni Company Spotlight.

Amy Woodworth
Amy Woodworth

Amy Woodworth is a mom, digital marketing expert and current Starter School student. The poster behind her sums up her work ethic perfectly. You can find her here at The Starter League Monday through Friday getting work done. You might even find her here working during holiday breaks. She’s a mom on a mission, but still makes it home for dinner. With two daughters of her own, Amy is passionate about providing all girls with STEM activities and opportunities. After six months, her persistence is paying off. Check out her site to find STEM events in Chicago for your children.

Rockstar Leaders

Introducing the adjunct teachers of Starter School:

Jill Salzman
Jill Salzman

Jill Salzman is one cool mom, she even has a Lego phone case. That’s pretty cool, am I right? Jill started Founding Moms in 2010, an organization that helps mom entrepreneurs to connect and learn. Founding Moms is her third entrepreneurial venture. Check out her book, Found IT. A field guide for mom entrepreneurs and watch her inspiring TED Talk: Why Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs.

Sharon Schneider
Sharon Schneider

Sharon Schneider created Moxie Jean to solve her own dilemma as a parent striving to be a socially responsible consumer. Children are consumption machines that can outgrow brand new clothing in just a couple weeks. Moxie Jean is “upscale resale” that allows parents to buy high-quality clothing at affordable prices. Great news, moms-to-be! they recently expanded their collection to include maternity clothing. Read more about it here.

Amanda Lannert
Amanda Lannert

Amanda Lannert likes cheese, dangerous sports and the color blue. She’s a mom and is the CEO of The Jellyvision Lab, a clever interactive marketing company. Under her leadership, Jellyvision has doubled its revenue three out of the last four years. And she was recently named CEO of the Year at the Moxie Awards (woot woot!). You can learn about how Amanda came to Jellyvision and the work they do in this video.

Our Biggest Fans

Teresa Williams and Linda Sales aka Mike’s mom and Neal’s (and my) mom.

Mike's mom Neal's Mom
Teresa Williams Linda Sales

Without these two wonderful ladies, The Starter League would be non-existent. They are our number one supporters. We can always count on them for a share or a like or some words of encouragement. Ms. Williams finds any and all mentions of The Starter League online, almost immediately after they’re published. Ms. Sales helps plan and cooks for our student socials and never fails to bring homemade goodies to the office. But, what we really want to thank them for is raising (and giving birth to) this innovative duo:

Mike and Neal
Can you see the resemblance?!


Thank you to all the moms out there and we hope you have a happy Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day